Current Activities & Initiatives

What's going on at the MSEC?  

 We have been working on a number of activities, initiatives, and partnerships at the MSEC.  Following are brief descriptions of some of these. 



  The STEM Ambassadors are a cohort of STEM teachers  across the northwest region of North Carolina who provide key insight and communication to guide the MSEC in its work.  More information can be found here. 

The MSEC is beginning its first cohort of Affiliate Faculty, made up of faculty whose work in STEM or STEM education make them a vital part of the MSEC network.  Affiliate Faculty partner with the MSEC in projects and funded activities and receive support for their own endeavors through the MSEC's ability to provide logistics, resources as available, and guidance on working with school and community partners.  

The Lending Library is one of our key services, and our recent partnerships with the Academy at Middle Fork, Academy at Elkin, and regional libraries are helping to increase the availability of STEM resources to learners across the region.  If you are a homeschool parent or seeking STEM activities for your children or just a STEM learner yourself, contact the Appalachian Regional Library nearest you for more information.  

Did you know?  Teachers in NC are eliglble for a library lending card from the Belk Library and Information Commons, including the Instructional Materials Collection at Appalachian.  Find more information here:



Professional development has long been a hallmark of the MSEC, and the Center continues to offer a variety of PD opportunities.  Last summer, we sponsored participants in the Kellogg Institute and supported the delivery of two workshops in the Mathematics Education Leadership Training (MELT) program, including one on Mathematics and Special Education and another on College and Career Readiness Graduate Mathematics.  Upcoming are the Science Seminars, a special session on physics teaching with video analysis, and more.  Check back often for the most recent opportunities in professional development.  

We also recommend a variety of online resources for teacher professional deveopment.  If you are a teacher education candidate, be sure to stay in touch with the James Center at Appalachian.  If you are a teacher ready to pursue your National Board Certification, consider the NCBTApps program that provides a variety of offerings to guide candidates through the process of achieving certification.  



The MSEC has been the home of Appalachian's Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics for decades, with hundreds of students having completed courses and research projects on topics ranging from water quality to health analytics.  In addition, the MSEC is a long-time partner in providing students in the region access to quality STEM fairs and contests and outreach, such as MATHCOUNTS of the annual STEAM Expo.  

The MSEC has collaborated with event founder Tonya Coffey to host the 2022 STEAM Expo, the largest single-day STEM outreach event on our campus.  With more than 1000 students from middle and high school students attending, the STEAM Expo is a fund day for all to explore STEM ideas.  



The MSEC has just completed hosting its first cohort of entrepreneurs in the Appalachian Entrepreneurship Academy, funded by the Appalachian Regional Commission and in partnership with Entre Ed and STEMWest.  More information about this project can be found at this link

We are also heavily engaged in work related to diversity, equity, and inclusion as the Director is a co-lead for Appalachian's engagement with the Aspire Alliance IChange Network, a national level cohort of institutions working towards institutional and cultural change resulting in improved outcomes for STEM faculty from underrepresented groups.