Math Library & Resource Room

Online Resources 

Teaching online?  The MSEC shares the following collections of online resources that may be helpful.  The MSEC does not manage these sites, and some may require a log-in/registration.

Sites for Curriculum, Tools, Assessments/Tasks: 

North Carolina Standards - the mathematics standards specific to NC 

Common Core Standards - the core document for mathematics 

NC2ML - a rich collection of materials collected by educators across North Carolina. This site includes instructional frameworks that can help organize your planning of content.  

Tools for NC Teachers - an organized collection of LES lesson plans, assessments, and additional resources, arranged by grade band 

You Cubed - Jo Boaler's site, related to her work on Mathematical Mindsets 

Inside Mathematics - housed at the UT-Austin Dana Center, a collection of video lessons, common core reources, assessments, and more 

GA Curriculum Standards - resources housed at the Georgia Department of Education (it's okay that it says Georgia - many resources are still easily findable!)

NCTM Back to School - weekly sessions and materials on teaching mathematics from the national organization, NCTM  

 Technology for Teaching 

Geogebra - a freely available site for geometry and algebra based explorations 

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives  - online manipulatives and simulations available for free 

Explain Everything - an interactive whiteboard applet that can be used on a tablet

Educreations - an interactive whiteboard applet that can be used on a tablet

FlipGrid - a social platform that allows students and teachers to upload short videos, for interacting, communicating/sharing, or even assessment 





  • AIMS (Activities Integrating Math & Science)
  • 98,99,100! Ready or Not, Here I Come!
  • Apples, Bubble, and Crystals-Your Science ABCs
  • Applying Algebra
  • Connected Mathematics (click for units and topics)
  • Bits and Pieces
  • Covering and Surrounding
  • Cricket in Times Square, The
  • Data Around Us
  • Elementary Math Teachers Book of Lists
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Junie B. Jones Has a Peepin Her Pocket (Scholastic)
  • How Do Bats See in the Dark? Questions and Answers About Night Creatures (Scholastic Question and Answer Series)
  • Island Scrapbook, An
  • Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor, The (Scholastic)
  • National Science Resource Center (teacher/student guides-20 different topics)
  • Overcoming Math Anxiety
  • Prime Time
  • Rockpool, The
  • Salamandar Room, The
  • Science Fair Projects (A Guide for Grown-ups) Booklets
  • Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, A Math Adventure (Scholastic)
  • Sunlight, Skyscrapers and Soda Pop - The Wherever-You-Look Science Book
  • Tangram Blocks Activities
  • Tangram Blocks Exploration
  • Thinking With Mathematical Models
  • Variables and Patterns
  • Volcanoes (Scholastic Science Reader)
  • Weather (Scholastic)
  • Weather Book, The
  • ETA Pamplets on Using Manitulatives
  • Lead Teacher Materials
  • Variety of "History of Mathematics" Books
  • Navigating Through Numbers and Operations Series (various grade levels)
  • Navigating Through Problem Solving Series
  • Navigating Through Discrete Mathematics Series
  • Navigating through Data Analysis and Probability Series
  • Navigating Through Algebra Series
  • Navigating Through Measurement Series
  • Navigating Through Geometry Series
  • Variety of Cuisenaire Rods Books
  • Variety of Activity Books - (various grade levels)

Mathematics Manipulatives

  • Judy Clocks
  • Color Cubes
  • Fraction Bars
  • Fraction Circles
  • White Boards
  • Tangrams
  • Hundreds Boards
  • Geometric Volume Shapes
  • Base Ten Blocks
  • Three Bear Counters
  • Attribute Blocks
  • Proof of Pythagoras
  • Dice
  • Play Money
  • Protractors
  • Multi-link Cubes
  • Centimeter Cubes
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measures
  • Pattern Blocks
  • Compases
  • Floating Ring Magnets
  • Bar Magnets
  • Algebra Tiles
  • Spinners
  • Two-Color Counter
  • Relation Shapes
  • Base Ten Blocks
  • Relational Geo Solids
  • Rulers
  • Magformers
  • Fraction Squares
  • Cuisenaire Rods
  • Polydrons
  • Wooden Color Cubes
  • Towers of Hanoi
  • Decimal Squares
  • Snap Cubes
  • Dominoes
  • Learning Wrap-Ups
  • Hands-On Equations
  • Hundeds Number Tiles
  • Wooden Geo Solids
  • Pentominoes
  • Geoboards
  • Miras
  • Color Tiles
  • Models of Geometric Solids

Kits and Manipulatives

  • Effects of Smoking, the
  • Instant Ear Thermometer (not a kit)
  • Rock Detective Mystery Notebook with Samples
  • Rocks and Minerals Kit (samples of common rocks and rock forming minerals)
  • Tangram Blocks (flat and 3-Dimensional)