Mission: The Mathematics and Science Education Center (MSEC) cultivates and sustains vibrant and innovative collaborations and scholarly investigations with partners in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education fields, leading to improved teaching and learning at P-16 levels, advocacy for equity and broader participation, and lifelong learning for community members.


The Mathematics and Science Education Center (MSEC) has a long history of working with teachers, students, and faculty in the region and is part of a well-developed network of STEM resources in the state.  With all that we are learning about teaching and technology and the daily lives of our students, the Center will be responding with new initiatives and partnerships in the coming months.  We are already updating our social media presence and laying the foundation to begin strategic planning so that we can best advocate for and progress in our efforts.  If you have been a part of the Center before, we welcome your input, or if you have never interacted with the Center, we hope you will find new opportunities that interest you. 

The MSEC promotes learning in and across the STEM areas, including expanding equitable access to and increasing our understanding of impacts of STEM opportunities. To that end, we adhere to the principles for inclusive teaching promoted by the Inclusive Excellence team at Appalachian State University.  Faculty, teachers, and other educators can find a collection of materials for use in developing inclusive classrooms, whether online or in person as well as a guide to practices that are hallmarks of inclusive teaching and learning

Some of our most recent activities align with the university in focusing on climate change and with needs of the Appalachian Region in focusing on entrepreneurship and capacity development.  We are always supportive of teachers and collaborate with the Academy at Middle Fork, the Academy at Elkin, and partners in the Public School Partnership to provide timely professional development and outreach.  We are also working on a variety of activities aimed at increasing equity and diversity in STEM fields, including a campus wide ADVANCE Appalachian grant funded by the National Science Foundation and participation in the Aspire Alliance IChange Network.  

If you have ideas about STEM or want to know more, reach out!  We'd love to connect!

Tracie McLemore Salinas 




The Appalachian State University Mathematics and Science Education Center came into existence in early 1985 as one of the centers in the North Carolina Mathematics and Science Education Network (NC-MSEN).  During a state budget crisis, the centralized coordinating office of NC-MSEN was dissolved in August of 2010.  In addition to Appalachian, regional centers in the UNC system that are still active are UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Wilmington, East Carolina University, and NC State University.  The goals of the Centers are to: 

  • Increase the quality and quantity of mathematics and science teachers in North Carolina Public Schools;
  • Strengthen instruction in mathematics and science in grades K-12;
  • Sponsor research and development in mathematics and science education; and
  • Increase the use of educational technology in schools.

Center activities are based on the needs of classroom instructors.  The Center at Appalachian offers special workshops, summer institutes, graduate courses and other instructional programs aimed at helping update and recertify teachers.  Northwest North Carolina is naturally our primary service area, but teachers from all parts of the state and beyond are welcome to participate in Center programs.  A number of programs are offered in the summer.