Mathematics Resources

The MSEC Lending Library has a dedicated mathematics room that hosts many manipulatives and activities for the teaching mathematics.  Materials may be checked out by pre-service and in-service teachers and faculty members. 

Online Resources

Teaching online?  The MSEC shares the following collections of online resources that may be helpful.  The MSEC does not manage these sites, and some may require a log-in/registration.

Sites for Curriculum, Tools, Assessments/Tasks: 

North Carolina Standards - the mathematics standards specific to NC 

Common Core Standards - the core document for mathematics 

NC2ML - a rich collection of materials collected by educators across North Carolina. This site includes instructional frameworks that can help organize your planning of content.  

Tools for NC Teachers - an organized collection of LES lesson plans, assessments, and additional resources, arranged by grade band 

You Cubed - Jo Boaler's site, related to her work on Mathematical Mindsets 

Inside Mathematics - housed at the UT-Austin Dana Center, a collection of video lessons, common core reources, assessments, and more 

GA Curriculum Standards - resources housed at the Georgia Department of Education (it's okay that it says Georgia - many resources are still easily findable!)

NCTM Back to School - weekly sessions and materials on teaching mathematics from the national organization, NCTM  

 Technology for Teaching 

Geogebra - a freely available site for geometry and algebra based explorations 

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives  - online manipulatives and simulations available for free 

Explain Everything - an interactive whiteboard applet that can be used on a tablet

Educreations - an interactive whiteboard applet that can be used on a tablet

FlipGrid - a social platform that allows students and teachers to upload short videos, for interacting, communicating/sharing, or even assessment 


  • AIMS (Activities Integrating Math & Science)
  • 98,99,100! Ready or Not, Here I Come!
  • Apples, Bubble, and Crystals-Your Science ABCs
  • Applying Algebra
  • Connected Mathematics (click for units and topics)
  • Bits and Pieces
  • Covering and Surrounding
  • Cricket in Times Square, The
  • Data Around Us
  • Elementary Math Teachers Book of Lists
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Junie B. Jones Has a Peepin Her Pocket (Scholastic)
  • How Do Bats See in the Dark? Questions and Answers About Night Creatures (Scholastic Question and Answer Series)
  • Island Scrapbook, An
  • Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor, The (Scholastic)
  • National Science Resource Center (teacher/student guides-20 different topics)
  • Overcoming Math Anxiety
  • Prime Time
  • Rockpool, The
  • Salamandar Room, The
  • Science Fair Projects (A Guide for Grown-ups) Booklets
  • Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, A Math Adventure (Scholastic)
  • Sunlight, Skyscrapers and Soda Pop - The Wherever-You-Look Science Book
  • Tangram Blocks Activities
  • Tangram Blocks Exploration
  • Thinking With Mathematical Models
  • Variables and Patterns
  • Volcanoes (Scholastic Science Reader)
  • Weather (Scholastic)
  • Weather Book, The
  • ETA Pamplets on Using Manitulatives
  • Lead Teacher Materials
  • Variety of "History of Mathematics" Books
  • Navigating Through Numbers and Operations Series (various grade levels)
  • Navigating Through Problem Solving Series
  • Navigating Through Discrete Mathematics Series
  • Navigating through Data Analysis and Probability Series
  • Navigating Through Algebra Series
  • Navigating Through Measurement Series
  • Navigating Through Geometry Series
  • Variety of Cuisenaire Rods Books
  • Variety of Activity Books - (various grade levels)

Mathematics Manipulatives

  • Judy Clocks
  • Color Cubes
  • Fraction Bars
  • Fraction Circles
  • White Boards
  • Tangrams
  • Hundreds Boards
  • Geometric Volume Shapes
  • Base Ten Blocks
  • Three Bear Counters
  • Attribute Blocks
  • Proof of Pythagoras
  • Dice
  • Play Money
  • Protractors
  • Multi-link Cubes
  • Centimeter Cubes
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measures
  • Pattern Blocks
  • Compases
  • Floating Ring Magnets
  • Bar Magnets
  • Algebra Tiles
  • Spinners
  • Two-Color Counter
  • Relation Shapes
  • Base Ten Blocks
  • Relational Geo Solids
  • Rulers
  • Magformers
  • Fraction Squares
  • Cuisenaire Rods
  • Polydrons
  • Wooden Color Cubes
  • Towers of Hanoi
  • Decimal Squares
  • Snap Cubes
  • Dominoes
  • Learning Wrap-Ups
  • Hands-On Equations
  • Hundeds Number Tiles
  • Wooden Geo Solids
  • Pentominoes
  • Geoboards
  • Miras
  • Color Tiles
  • Models of Geometric Solids

Kits and Manipulatives

  • Effects of Smoking, the
  • Instant Ear Thermometer (not a kit)
  • Rock Detective Mystery Notebook with Samples
  • Rocks and Minerals Kit (samples of common rocks and rock forming minerals)
  • Tangram Blocks (flat and 3-Dimensional)