Science Resources

The MSEC Lending Library has a dedicated science room that hosts many resources and materials.  Materials may be checked out by pre-service and in-service teachers and faculty members.

Online Resources

Teaching online?  The MSEC shares the following collections of online resources that may be helpful.  The MSEC does not manage these sties, and some may require a log-in/registration. 

Science Standards from NC DPI - the state standards for science in North Carolina 

Next Generation Science Standards - searchable, interactive collection of standards

NSTA Daily Do - sense-making tasks available in a variety of levels, for teachers and for families 

PhET site at Colorado - online interactive simulations in science and mathematics 

Exploratorium Science Snacks - video episodes on a variety of topics 

PBS Hands-On Science - resources from PBS include videos on many topics 

 Steve Spangler's Science at Home - easy science videos for home or school 

Earth and Environmental Science


Modules and Other Resources

STC Modules and Resources

  • Grade 1 Weather
  • Grade 2 Soils
  • Grade 3 Rocks & Minerals (not available)
  • Grade 4 Land & Water
  • Grade 5 Ecosystems (not available)
  • Grade 6 Measuring Time (not available)

Other Modules

  • Air (Delta Science Module)
  • Become a Rock Detective Module
  • Finding the Moon (Delta Sience Module )
  • Soil Module (Delta Science Module )
  • Solar System (Delta Science Module)
  • Sunshine and Shadows (Delta Science Module)
  • TC Toolkit (National Geographic Society)
  • Touch the Earth (ISIS)
  • Weather Forecasting (Delta Science Module
  • Weather Instruments (Delta Science Module)

Models and Science Tools

  • Samples (rocks, minerals, fossils)
  • Various water and weather related instruments
  • Flasks
  • Fossil Sorting Kits
  • Lung Model
  • Skeletons (Human, and Cat)
  • Torso Model
  • Plant Models
  • Skull Model
  • Heart Model
  • Lung Simulator
  • Kidney Model
  • Newtons Cradle
  • Acceleration & Velocity Cars
  • Magnets (bar, circular, and 1 SUPER strong)
  • Paper Dragon: Force & Motion


  • 2007/2008 Science Seminars (DVD Set)
  • North Carolina Rocks
  • From Gateways to Glaciation
  • From Mountains to Monsoons
  • Everything Weather
  • Illustrated Dictionary of Earth Science
  • Figure This! Take a Challenge!
  • K-8 Science Ed.: Elements That Matter
  • Ghost in Your Genes
  • Evolution
  • The forest Adventure
  • Ocean Explorere
  • Learning Center: 3rd Grade
  • Common Ground
  • Science and Literature
  • Earth History
  • Chem Matters
  • Planetarium
  • Imagine The Universe
  • Learning Science Through Inquiry
  • World Population
  • National Geographic MAPS
  • Complete Set of National Geographic  Various DVD's
  • No Dinosaurs in Heaven

Life Science

All materials.


  • Bioinquiry
  • Biotechnology Explorer: Captivating Science Education
  • Biotechnology at Work
  • Commercial Biotechnology
  • NC Companies in Biotechnology

General Biology

  • Bats Incredible Gr 2-4 AIMS
  • Biology with Computers
  • Biology Teachers Survival Guide
  • Bones, Bodies, and Bellies
  • Comparing and Measuring (STC Module)
  • Cycles of Life - 24 videos
  • From Head to Toe 5-8 AIMS
  • Human Biology and Health Activities, Gr 5-12
  • Jaw Breakers & Heart Thumbers 3-4 AIMS
  • Life Cycles 24 vol video set
  • More Science Experiments on File
  • OBIS (Outdoor Biological Instructional Strategies)
  • Overhead & Underfoot 3-4 AIMS
  • Science Experiments on File
  • Models -- Skeleton, Ear, Eye, Kidney
  • Organisms (STC Module)

Insect Study

  • Critters K-6 AIMS
  • 4-H Entomology
  • A Field Guide to Butterflies
  • A Field Guide to Insects
  • A Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Insect Activity Guide
  • (The) Pleasures of Entomology
  • Studying Insects
  • Wowbugs: New Life for Life Science
  • Live Hissing Roaches, Mealworms
  • Models -- Flower, Root, Stem
  • STC Life Cycle of Butterflies
  • Live Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches


  • Mystery Illness Strikes the Sanchez Household
  • Unseen Life on Earth video set

Plant Study

  • Bottle Biology
  • Exciting Plant Science Activities for Elementary
  • Exciting Plant Science Activities for High School
  • Growing Seeds (ESS)
  • Modern Arboriculture
  • Newcomb's Wildflower Guide
  • New Tree Biology Dictionary
  • Plant Growth and Development (STC Module)
  • Primarily Plants K-3 AIMS
  • Seeds and Plants (ESS)
  • Tree Pruning
  • Wisconsin Fast Plants